20201101 - 2 Posts

20201101 - Up in the am and got things together for a trip to the farm. D showed up 2hrs late to head up to the Farm. We swung through the Accountants office to drop off some forms. D drove and we had a nice visit on the way up chatting about all sorts of stuff. We got to the Farm and took some stuff in and D helped me put a new screw in the bathroom fan. GmaW had a nice lunch for us and we had a nice visit while we ate. Down to the basement and dad had the bathroom cleaned out. We looked over the things that needed done and tested some connections. At one point dad loosened a faucet handle and shot off at him spraying water all over the room, no one hurt, but all startled and dad got pretty wet :-) We then headed out to look at the back porch and gave D instruction on where I wanted the poles. Down to the Farmhouse and D and GmaW put weatherstrip on the front door and GpaW and I headed to Home Depot in Ashland. We spent hours in the store gathering supplies and discussing the work with folks there. We ended up getting everything we need for the back porch and step railings, a new toilet and sink and all the pieces parts required to do the jobs. We got things loaded up and headed back to the Farm to upload. D&I got the posts set in the holes he dug for the porch railing and poured in some dry cement. We then went in and helped with PCs and phones before heading out. D rove again and we chatted some more, nice to spend time with him. Home and unloaded the car and D came in for just a min and we talked about going back to school with him before he left. L&I ate, J at work and G in the shed. We watched some football and Chris showed up to watch some zombies. G in and we watched some tv until late. I stayed up late getting things lined up for tomorrow.