20200827 + Back Rack

20200827 + Up in the am and headed in to the office. I met Lonie and D there and we cleaned out the crawl space in the office basement and then came up with a plan. D drove the company truck to Lowe's and we got some more heavy duty shelves. Back to the office and Lonie walked over to the pizza place and picked up our order while D&I carried the shelves down and got started. Courtland joined us for some pizza. We worked a couple more hours and then we headed out. I got home so L could go pick G up from XC and then I ran to a hitting lesson as Dbat. The lesson was good and G learned some things right off the bat. After the hitting lesson we came home and L, Lilly and I took a walk in a beautiful sunset before I sent out blasts about selling Booster ads. Up too late.