20200822 + Bday Bat

20200822 + Up in the am and L doing things around the house, J home, showered and out fast to work, G upstairs. I got on the PC and did some more Booster stuff and blog updating. G frustrated looking for friends to hang with today. L&I headed out, post office, gas station, Container Store, Burger King for lunch, Target, Old Navy, Value City Furniture, Staples and Office Max where we finally found a lockable filing cabinet for D's bday. Swung through Kroger on the way home and got some groceries. Finally home and G had found some buddies and was riding around town. Gma&paW stopped by with presents for D, so D came home for a quick visit. Then L&I went to the Gahanna Grill with Gma&paW for a nice dinner. Back tot he porch for a bit and then I headed over to Penn's to work on his pressure washer, it has spark, it has gas flow, must be the carburetor so not going to tear that apart tonight. Back home and not up too late.