20200824 + Nontraditional Start

20200824 + Up in the am and L getting boys up and on their laptops for their first day of school from home, this is so strange... No get your pic taking by the mailbox before heading to school, instead I got pics of their home classroom. I got my morning things done early and got the week started. I took a call and walked around the backyard barefoot and found 2 feathers and got stung on the foot by a bee... Boys seemed ok with the home schooling stuff as we all wrapped things up, J headed out with friends, L ran G to and from XC and had my desk on the porch. We had dinner outside talking with G and then some storms rolled through. I headed to Scouts to see if there were any advancements and get reimbursed for buying awards. Home and hanging out with L watching some TV, J and JGF5 stopped by. I stayed up late working on old blog post updates..