20200807 + 4th Tryout

20200807 + Up in the am and L&D at work. I took my PC on the back porch with Lilly this morning and did some things and had a call with Jason, Rob and Lonie. It was a meeting to tell Lonie that he won the 'DataField Quarterly Outstanding Associate Award'!!! He was very surprised and honored. We chatted for a bit and then I headed in and got J&G up and then on to more work. I spent the day on the back porch getting things done and then G and 3 of his friends showed up. They wanted to get out tarps and soap and make a slip and slide, so they did. I watched from the porch as the boys set the tarps up, knew they way they were doing it wouldn't work, but let them try it and when the first boy slid and went under the second tarp they quickly made the adjustment and were off slipping and sliding. They had a blast and it was fun to watch. J took off to be with friends, L got home, D got home, I finished my day and then G&I headed downtown to Berliner for another baseball tryout. G did great in the field and ok hitting. I sat with Chris Bowman and we chatted the whole time about how everything went down and future possibilities. G&I headed home, stopped at Wendy's to get some dinner, saw one of J's buddies working there. Home and ate and then L&I watched a show before heading to bed. J got home from poker and told us of his winnings.