20200823 + Signature Piece

20200823 + Up in the am and doing things around the house and planning the day. Got the big white car started and ran it a bit and then headed over to Penn's to try the pressure washer again. We took the carburetor apart and cleaned it as our last attempt and POP she started up! Victory! I tested out the pressure on the driveway leaving my mark... Then headed to Vinnie's to drop off a solar kit and swing through the post office on the way home. Home and settled in on the back porch where I would spend the rest of the day doing Booster stuff, making baseball arrangements for G and his team and updating pics and old blog posts. G and some kids showed up for dinner, I took Lilly on a big walk through the baseball fields back at Jefferson and J got home late from work. Out on the back porch very late as it was a perfect night and no bugs.