20200816 - Bar Builders

20200816 - Up late and L out with her girl friends, D at a friends, J in bed and G and his buddies the spent the night took off on their bikes. I hit the desk and swapped out AMEX cards to the free version. I got J up at 12 and 1, and he made it out the door at 1:57 to be at work at 2. Headed out to the garage to clean it up a bit and D and 3 of his friends showed up, they wanted to build a bar for their apartment. I helped them come up with a plan and we found them some wood they could use. They headed to Lowes to get some more wood and I ran to the post office and grocery store to get a ton of hot dogs. Home and G and 4 of his buddies showed up and were playing the backyard. D&I his friends came back with supplies and I helped them design, cut and assemble the bar. L made them cookies and cooked 24 hot dogs and of D&G's friends ate them up. I helped the boys get the pieces of the bar in D's car, they helped me cleanup and put the garage back in order. The big boys then took on the little boys in a very one-sided game of wiffle ball. The big boy headed out after delivering a beating and G's friends left and L ran G to one of their houses to spend the night. I hung out on the back porch the rest of the evening posting on ebay and watching Netflix as I got pics named and posted in the blog for June of 2018. In late L in bed and I waited up for J to get home from work at 10.