20200815 + New Fence

20200815 + Up nice and late and D&J already at work. L&I made plans for the day, got G up and headed to Home Depot. Chris Bowman met us there with his truck and took a couple fence panels home for us. L&I shopped and chatted with D a bit. Home and on the back porch planning the fence job and the sky dropped bucket in an instant. G and his buddies just left on their bikes and soon were back seeking shelter. They then played some wiffle ball. When D got home he helped me install the fence panels so the next door dogs won't see us on our patio and bark their brains out. Jo home from work all grumpy, D left to stay with some friends on campus and G had a couple of buddies spend the night. I got the boys on the back porch where they all beat me at Trouble. They were thrilled with themselves. J home, showed us some skateboard tricks and then headed to a friends to spend the night.