20200814 - Sad News

20200814 - Up late and on a call. L&D at work, J still at a friends and G up an don the xbox in the shed. I got my day rolling and got a bunch done. L home, J home and then back out. L ran G to XC and back. I moved my office to the back porch and got a call from the vet. Lilly's blood work is back and she is kidney failure, the marker for her kidneys should be no more than 14, she is at 81... I finished my day and G&I ran to get pizza for dinner. D home for a minute and then went to visit Drew, his buddy that's home from the Navy. L&I ran to the pet store in search of soft food, something Lilly will eat. Home and got Lilly to eat a bit and then I took her on a walk where we ran in to some neighborhood kids that wanted to pet her. I then ran in to a neighbor and we hung out and chatted a bit. Home and LG&I watched a movie.