20200803 + 1st Boosters Zoom

20200803 + Up slow in the am not wanting to go back to work. L up and out on a walk, cleaned up and picking up groceries while I get caught up on email. It was a long day of catching up for us while we get back in to the groove of working and being at home with things we have to get done. As the day ended everyone but D gathered at the table for dinner and we had a good meal. After dinner Andy showed up and we got the Zoom meeting set up on the back porch. Tom & Bill swung by for a beer and to chat until the meeting started. We have 30 folks join us online for the first ever Boosters Zoom meeting, it went very well. After the meeting Andy hung around and we chatted about baseball and how crazy all this is. In and wrapped up for the night and to bed late.