20200813 + Plastic Fruit

20200813 + Up in the am and L ran to get groceries and then in to work. I did email and took a couple calls. Got the boys up, I have a job for them today, J left... had to go rewake D up and hour later, still no J. L home, gave D instructions and then headed to the Scout store. Got the awards and headed to Keith's house, one of my favorite co-workers to surprise him with more fake fruit for his bday. He loved it! Home, saw that J's car had been hit and looked at that with him. Checked out the electrical install the boys were working on and then got some more things done in the office. L&I took Lilly to the vet, they gave her a checkup, a couple of shots and took some blood. It was weird because we couldn't go in with her. Home and I finished up my day and then D&I finished running the electric for his AC. Still too far for the cord to reach but at least it is on its own circuit now. L cooked some dinner and LDG&I had dinner. After dinner I cleaned the garage, L relaxed, D vanished to his room, J went to a friends for the night and G headed to the shed.