20200804 + 1st Tryout

20200804 + Up in the morning and D went in to my work for some training today, L got a strange call from the G's Principle, prompted by the Superintendent, about a TikTok video G and some of his friends posted... L&I got things cleaned up and the account deleted and G wrote a little report today about the subject so he knew why it was not a good choice... I headed to the lab to have blood drawn and then at the desk the rest of the day. Finished up my day and G&I headed downtown to Berliner for a baseball tryout. G was one of the smallest kids out there. He did great fielding but not good at bat so he did not get an offer... Home and hung out with L working on Booster stuff and then took a bunch of calls and texts trying to arrange baseball tryouts and a team for G next year.