20200808 + Visit and Light

20200808 + Up in the am and L made chicken and rice for Lilly as she hasn't been eating... I hung out on the back porch a bit and planned the weekend. G got an offer from the tryout last night so now we have to decide where we are going... L ran to the store, D helped me start the generator and sliced his fingernail pretty bad.  When L returned she patched D up and I headed over to Penn' and we re-evaluated the pergola and wiring job. We headed to Home Depot, He got a stack of stuff and I got a stack of stuff for our projects. We headed back to his house, with a stop to pic up my prescription, and had some lunch. Gma&paW called, they were at Creekside with Russ & Nancy so I headed home and LDJG&I walked to meet up with them. We hung out at the Barrel & Boar for a bit and then walked over to Cold Stone. It was a nice visit and not to terrible hot. Took some teaxts and a call about G's baseball for next year. Russ & Nancy headed home and Gma&paW stopped by the house to have me look at a PC issue. Got that fixed and they headed out. LD&I headed over to Mallonn's and got to work on the electrical project. Some of the steps were harder than expected, but we stuck with it and got everything connected. When we flipped the breaker it didn't trip and we were in business. We had dinner there and hung out admiring the new lights a bit before heading home. More calls and texts about G's baseball to finish out the day.