20200820 - Half Day with G

20200820 - Up in the am and L at work. I checked email and had a call. J home from his friends, he swung through the high school to pick up his laptop for next year, home, showered and ran to work 20 min late... Came up with a last minute plan to do something fun with G so we got L to bring the car home and then we headed out for a putt-putt-a-palooza! Our first stop was Westerville Mini Golf, we have been here many times before and we played both courses and got our picture taken in the same spot we have in the past. G wanted me to try Top Golf so we went there next and it was a BLAST! On to the Olentangy Mini Golf where we played both courses and it definitely has the trickiest holes. From there we went to the Magic Mountain at Polaris for two more courses and these greens are mashed down, super fast and heard to play. On to the Texas Roadhouse for steak dinner and to tally up the points. We played 108 holes, had 15 hoe in ones and had a blast!  We swung by D's apartment on the way home and it was a bit sketchy... One last stop adn UDF to get some ice cream before making it home and checking in with L and telling her about the afternoon while we enjoyed our ice cream. G then headed for the xbox and L&I hung out on the back porch until late.