20200805 + 2nd Tryout

20200805 + Up slow and L busy doing things. I did some email in the living room and then got the boys up and headed to the office. D&G went to pick up Luke for some hitting practice. J hung out around the house until he left to hang out with some friends. Finished my day up and G&I ran out to the Gahanna varsity baseball field for a tryout with TNT. G was happy a bunch of his buddies were there and he did really well tonight. I hung out with the dads and we are formulating a plan to try and keep the 4-6 boys together. Would be a good group of kids and all nice parents. After tryouts Jason and Luke came to our house and we chatted about possibilities and had some pizza on the back porch. Jason also talked to D about helping with his 17U team next year.