20200810 - Guarding Her Yard

20200810 - Up in the am and L at work and I got on the PC in the living room to approve time and get the week started. J got up and wanted to head out for the day. I reminded him he had XC and then he lost his mind, so I told him he had to choose, SC or Scouts, he needs some sort of organized events to get him out of the house and with a group/team. L came home to intervene and he ended up gong to XC. D came down eventually and I realized he was supposed to be at work at 9:30, but he just didn't go in...  another battle... L cooked and we all ate together, which was tense.  After dinner L&I took Lilly for a slow walk around the block. She made it but just barely. We then hung out on the back porch until L wanted to go get some ice cream, so we did that and passed Wendy's on the way back to the house where G and all his buddies had their bike piled all over their sidewalk. Home and had some of our snack. Called GpaW as today is his bday and he was out to eat with a group of friends. Finished the long day and headed to bed.