20201207 - Making Lemonade

20201207 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G online for school. I jumped on the PC and got the morning things done. J&I ran to pick up the school food they are passing out. Home and put some stuff away and back on the PC. L home and after work G&I ate headed out to pick up some auction stuff we won. We got to the place and paid for our winnings from the previous night and got that item. We then inquired about returning the desk as they gave us the wrong item. They would not trade it or refund it... I was as pleasant as I could be, even G thought so, and we left a bit upset... Home and I did some stuff on the PC and since we had to keep the desk G took it up to his room to see if it would fit in. I headed up after a bit with some tools and gave him a hand, letting him do the constructing and just helped. He got it together and it looks great. I helped G move some stuff around so we he could get it all set up. We headed back downstairs for ice cream before heading to bed.