20201205 - Errands and Emergency

20201205 - Up in the am and did a couple of things around the house. G&I headed out to pick up some auction wins and return the wrong item we got last night, they were closed. We picked up some lunch on the way home. Home and ate and watched the buckeyes. G headed back to the school to shoot some hoops. L and Lilly took a walk and stopped to watch G shoot. We settled in to watch some more college football and L helped Gma&paB figure out hos to use Zoom for a thing GpaB was going to do for some kids. We were hanging out and L yelled 'OH LILLY, OH LILLY' and sprang to her feet and down to Lilly. Lilly was having a seizure. I got to Lilly and we held her and petted her and after several minutes she stopped shaking.  She was not in good shape and could not use her legs. We called G down and he petted and talked to her for a bit and we waited for J to come home from work and petted and talked to her a bit too. L&I loaded her up in the car and headed to Worthington MedVet urgent care.  I had called ahead and they were waiting with a gurney. I got Lilly out and comfortable and went in with her, L couldn't do it and stayed in the car.  After a couple min the Dr. came in with Lilly, she had an IV in her arm. I petted her adn talked to her a bit, she was scared...  The Dr. gave her the first shot, I pulled down my mask, kissed her on the nose, told her she was a good old girl and she was gone.  I sat for a minute and headed out to L, she was sobbing in the car. Very very sad. I drove us home, G came down crying, we all cried for a bit. she was a wonderful part of our family and we miss her terribly already.