20201209 - Capitan Caveman!

20201209 - Up in the am and got things rolling, L at work J&G online for school. Jumped on a 1hr call that took 2...  got some other things done and then I ran G and Owen to basketball practice, swung by the bank, gas station and post office on the way home. Home and back on the PC. D home and listed some stuff on ebay. L trimmed D hair for his first day of work at Lowe's tomorrow and then cooked us some dinner. D headed out, J to work at Wendy's and G headed upstairs. L&I hanging out in the living room. Checked in with dad and he had a Loop Recorder Implant today, it went ok, but he is sore. D called a couple times tonight, 1st to show us his bed, an early Christmas present he took home and put together and 2nd to get my help on a window that they couldn't get to close at the apartment.