20201206 + Knee Pitching

20201206 + Up in the am and G&I headed to Westerville where I dropped him off at baseball practice. I headed to the Meijer there and looked for an Xbox, nothing. Back to the Meijer in Gahanna and no Xboxes there either, but I did get everything I had a coupon for. Swung through the bank and the post office on the way home. Home and L was cleaning, J still not up and I got caught up on some paperwork. House seems a bit more empty today without Lilly :-( G home and got cleaned up and joined L&I in the living room watching football and J in his room catching up on schoolwork. D came over in the late afternoon to list some stuff on eBay as G&I were heading out to pitching practice and J headed to Wendy’s. G did really good pitching and likes the guy. We got home, J Home and we watched a bit of football and headed to bed. G showed up a bit later in to our room upset about Lilly :-(