20201222 - Manger Manager

20201222 - Up in the am, L working with Hazel, J&G up late. J putting new shelves together in his closet, G went bowling with some friends. I took Hazel on a walk in the afternoon while L was running errands and we came in through the back gate and inspected the fence for escape routes. Come to find out Hazel can fit right through our picket fence so we need to secure things a little better before she can be outside on her own. In and finished the day at the desk. I ran to pick up auction wins and then home and had dinner with LJ&G and the J&G vanished upstairs. I got the auction wins out to inspect and L had asked for a manger scene so I bought all I could find in recent auctions and she went through them to create one she liked... L&I watched some TV while I surfed auctions and gave GpaW a call to check in and plan a gift exchange.