20201221 - Dog PJs

20201221 - Up in the am and everyone home today. I got my am stuff done and then in to the office for calls. Pretty quiet day. J ran out to sell some of his clothes but only got $4 for 4 trash bags full, he was a little mad... In the evening D&DGF11 stopped by for a visit and Hazel tried on som Christmas PJs I got for her at an auction. L&I headed out to pick up some auction wins. True to history G called with a tragedy... Hazel went #2 in his room while he was 'watching' her and needed instructions on how to clean up after her... L&I got our items and swung past Target on the way home to pick up some shelving for J's closet. Home and L cleaned things up. G&I headed to the basement to watch His Dark Materials and finalize which cards we want to send out for grading. I was up late looking through auctions.