20201224 - Quiet Christmas Eve

20201224 - Up in the am and pretty rough morning. I things settled and headed out in the afternoon and picked up some auction wins. I had never been to this place before and it was a colossal sh!t show! Took 2 hours to get my 2 things... Won't be bidding there often... Got home through a pretty hard snow, backed the car up to the garage (I would later realize this was a bad idea as it obstructed my camera's view of the white car...) and unloaded some stuff. In and D showed up with a load of stuff and the boys headed upstairs to set up a gaming room. They came down to decorate some cookies and J spent a bunch of time in the basement wrapping presents. Pretty quiet night and L&I got the presents set out in good time and got to bed at a descent hour. Boys up yelling and playing video games together.