20201225 + Merry Christmas!

20201225 + Up LATE (for Christmas), finally not up at 6am to open presents, I think we got up 9:30 or 10ish, this made me VERY HAPPY! First time we have had snow for Christmas for a long time too. The boys came down, got along, were happy to have others open the things they got them. Boys opened their things, D got his bed (early) but got sheets and stuff for it. J got an iPhone 11, G got a gaming recliner. We did a zoom meeting with Gma&paB and the Coles and open the presents we exchanged last weekend. It was a very pleasant morning.

D ran and got DGF11, L made a bunch of food and I grilled some steaks out in the cold with Hazel's help. We had a big late lunch and all were stuffed. We hung out a bit and then D&DGF11 headed out and LJG&I headed to the basement and watched the new Wonder Woman. Pretty good movie. J&G then retreated to their rooms and L&I headed to bed after a very nice Christmas