20201128 + Installers

20201128 + Knew if I drifted off again the monster would kill me. Luckily my dream screams woke L up and she woke me up and saved my life! What a crazy dream... Up in the am and got J&G up. They were excited to help me get the Christmas lights up. When we realized we didn’t have enough they ran to Home Depot and got us more lights and supplies. I removed the battery from mower and the pump from well while I was waiting on them to get back. Boys home, they bought themselves lunch, sick of turkey. We finished up the lights, even lights on playset! J helped me take the TV from the back porch to the basement and then we headed in. L did laundry and took and nap with college football on. No Buckeyes today, the COVID got them :-(  G&I ran to pick up pizza from Jet's and watched football, falling asleep sitting up. Bed early, exhausted.