20201214 - Online Meeting

20201214 - L was up with the dog throughout the night, taking her out to the bathroom; made it hard to sleep. Up extra early to get blood drawn this morning. Got to the lab and didn't bring any paperwork... Home, got paperwork, back to the lab, blood drawn and home again. Shipped some ebay things and dug in to the work day. L took off to work and left the dog in my office, J came down and got her for a bit. L home and I got things loaded in the car and headed out. i swung by the post office to drop off some shipments and then across town to meet up with CB. CB & I loaded up a bunch of laptops and monitors and took them to the Phoenix School in Worthington to donate them. After that I swung by the pet store  and picked up some food and headed home. Home and got things unloaded, checked in with L and email. G&I got on a call with a guy from PSA, a professional card grading service to see what he thought some of G's baseball and Pokemon cards were worth. It was very interesting... I then headed to Pickerington to pick up some auction wins. Home and we went through the stuff. I hosted the Booster meeting online and then G&I spent some time going through other cards we had to see if they were worth getting graded and watched some of His Dark Materials in the basement with Hazel (L finally gave her dog a name :-)