20201211 - Burning Down the House

20201211 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L before she headed to school, J&G online. I did my morning emails and then took a walk. Home and in to the office and got the day rolling. Dylan Started a new job at Lowe's today :-)  L home from school, done with the day and headed out to take L to the 'Wonder Lights Christmas light show in Hebron. G threw a fit and put a damper on the festivities... He stayed home and L&I went. It was pretty cool, a million lights set to music, really amazing. 

As we were pulling out of the light show my phone notifications went off that there was smoke in the house... G put pizza rolls in the microwave for 12 minutes... "the instructions said toaster oven 12 minutes"... It's NOT a toaster oven. We were 20 min away so RUSHED home and the house smelled h0rrible of smoke and watching the video of the event I am seriously surprised the house is still standing... Down to the basement to watch ''Wild Mountain Thyme" a super cute show. G stayed up and watched a couple episodes of 'His Dark Materials" with me. To bed late.