20201228 - Changing & Sweets

20201228 - Up and got ahold of Chris first thing to come up with a game plan on the neighbor shooter... Chris wants me to go down to the courthouse tomorrow and talk to the Prosecutor, take as many facts and neighbors as I can so he knows this is serious... Well that raised my heart rate and blood pressure considerably...  L ran G to dentist, all good. G had never changed a a tire before so he helped me take the sliced tire off L's car. I ran to Dr to get second Shingles shot (OUCH!!!) and dropped off sliced tire at Tuffy. I got home and sent emails to Mayor and Chief of Police and hand delivered printouts of the shooting event to our immediate neighbors. I got replies from both the Chief and the Mayor. They are going to contact the Prosecutor for me. I let Chris know and he said that's perfect and now I don't have to go down to the courthouse tomorrow morning! YIPEE!!!

L ran G and Owen to basketball. I finished up my day and L&I hung out in watching TV and looking for home security systems and biometric gun cases... J got home and found a package on out front. It was a box from Aunt Mary full of Chinese noodle candy! YUM!!!  Later that evening the neighbor's dad called offered to pay for tire. Told him that was the least of my concerns. His kid is CRAZY and rather than paying for all of his son's mistakes, maybe he should get out of the way and let the legal system take care of this one...  I called GpaW and his Dr. visit went good today, going to do more test in a month. Uncle Johnny is in the hospital again with a blood clot in his leg. I stayed up too late looking for home security things.