20201208 + ZOOM ZOOM

20201208 + Up in the am, L headed to school in her screaming car, J&G online for school and I headed in to the office today. I took in some things from the storage unit we are not going to sell and had a meeting with CB, meeting went good. Home for a bit to get a couple more things done and then headed out to the Mercedes dealership over at Easton. It is quite a different experience than a normal car dealership... Today's meeting was to learn about the brand and see the different sizes to figure out what I may want to look for. I did take an E300 for a test drive, MAN WHAT A CAR! Never drove anything that smooth and responsive before. Took it home and L lost her mind, she thought I bought it... Took her for a quick ride, she said it's just like any other car... not really its a 4 cylinder that goes 100 and feels like your hardly moving... Took the car back, chatted with the guy and made plans to drive the 6 cylinder. Back to the desk and had a long meeting that finished out my day. L ran G and Owen to basketball practice. D stopped over for a bit to list a couple things on ebay and left. I cleaned up the listings, L&I ate and then we ran down to Sue's house and I replaced a switch and outlet for her. Home and hung out in the living room the rest of the night.