20201223 - Hit the Mark

20201223 - Up in the am and L and Hazel we busy cleaning and on walks and all over. J headed to work and L got G up to go to Nicole's with her. I got on the PC and got some things done. D&DGF13 here to play with Hazel and hang out. I had D run and pick up dinner @ La Navona. It was an ok meal. J home from work for 2 min with Larson while we were eating and then left for Larson's for the night. D&DGF13 headed out. I headed to home Depot to buy fence to secure the yard to Hazel doesn't escape. Home and G&I went to his hitting lessons then picked up some booster stuff and delivered some presents on the way home. Home and G's buddy Trent over for the night, we played Trouble and I got beat. Headed to bed, couldn't sleep so wrapped presents. Finally went to bed at 3am