20201227 - Fencing Slice

20201227 - Up in the am and G at baseball practice and then to Trent's for most of the day. J helped me finish up the majority of the fence dog proofing before he headed to work. I finished up dog proofing a couple of the gates and there are just 2 little sections to go. L ran and got G and then I ran him to pitching lessons. Exhausted but need to get the garage cleaned. I consolidated all the paper and boxes into only a couple to make trash day easier. During the cleanup I notice L's car had a flat. I tried to pump it up, wouldn't go, figured the bead had been broken so I jacked up the car and tried again. I felt air coming out of the sidewall, someone had sliced my tire!!! I called the police, they came out, we looked things over and filed a report. I checked my video but had parked my car right in the direct line of sight so I didn't have any footage of the event... I moved a camera in to the garage window so I can watch the Neighbor's house 24x7. This is getting ridiculous