20201127 - Black Friday Shopping

20201127 - Up in the am and G&I out looking for an Xbox Series X consoles...
  • Meijer found an S bought it for a friend.
  • On to Target in New Albany, nothing. 
  • On to GameStop in Westerville, nothing
  • Meijer in Westerville, got another S, just in case
  • On to GameStop at Polaris, nothing
  • Across the street to Best Buy, line too long
  • Target, nothing.
  • On to GameStop at Easton, nothing
  • BestBuy, line too long
  • Target, nothing...
Finally home and I did some work. Finished the day and we had left overs for dinner and LJG&I watched Supeintellagence, an extremely funny movie with Jenny McCarthy. Then G&I stayed up looking for Xboxes online an watched Roald Dahl's Witches and then Harley Quinn Birds of Prey. We got to bed super late.