20190630 - All Day Games

20190630 - L up and out early to church on her own. L home and D headed to his game and L went to watch a bit of his first game. JG&I hung out at home and I cleaned out ebay stuff from office. JG&I headed out to G's game, J drove and we stopped at store looking for OSU stickers for the cornhole boards, no luck. On to G's game it was HOT and they were getting beat bad. G in to pitch and saved the game and the bats started working and had a HUGE  W 22-16! L&J headed home. G&I headed to Easton to get more stickers for cornhole boards and found some good ones. We headed over to a super slow Steak 'n Shake and L&J met us there for dinner. After a nice dinner L&G headed home and stopped for gas, J&I paid for dinner and then met L&G at gas station, got stuff to ship and headed to post office.  Home and cleaning up the garage a bit more, swapped out camera on back porch. D home from baseball, he pitched today, 95 pitches :-o after a bit D had some friends over, they got a pizza and then G&I played cornhole against them on our new unfinished boards. Later J&D played spikeball with them until dark and then all in, J&G to bed, D and his friends in basement playing on wii and watching TV. I stayed up and watched some Game of Thrones