20190604 - Broke Another Bat

20190604 - Up in the am and dropped J&G off at the BP across from the high school. Watched them walk across the road... so big.  Got some gas and headed in to the new office for the morning. Had a busy morning and finished the day off there. Headed out a bit late and met L&J at D's baseball game in Dublin. It was a good close game against Ed Weston's team. I talked to Ed a bit, he's a baseball guru. D went 0 for 5 but had some AMAZING plays at short. D's team came back to tie up in in the top of the 9th, but Ed's team got a walk off single that won them the game. I drove home with J and we stopped to pick up some pizzas on the way home. Home and ate, D home grumpy from the game, loosened up a bit and we talked a lot before he headed to bed. G told me about his football camp and we all headed to bed. I stayed up doing things on the PC for work and watched Game of Thrones.