20190626 + Decaffeinated

20190626 + Up in the am and in to work. I had to get a different coffee mug this morning as I forgot my normal mug at work last night. The guys were nice enough to send me a pic of it... So I got ready and headed to work and when I got there L was nice enough to send me a pic of the coffee I left on the counter this morning... UGH!

Made it through the day headed out to G's game. It was a division semifinal game and it was a good one. The score went back and forth and we matched them point for point each inning. G was brought in to pitch and shut them down and the boys got the W with a walk-off single in the 8th. D's team lost tonight. Home and checked out the cornhole boards D&J made, they almost got them right: wrong plywood and holes in wrong places hahahaha! J helped me install new outlet in the garage, run the electric and install the camera. Up late setting up other cameras, will get them mounted int eh positions over the coming days. D home late and we chatted about stuff that needs done for a bit before heading to bed. Watched some Game of Thrones.