20190609 + Columbus Braves are Champs!

20190609 + Up in the am and got going. D in Troy OH for more baseball, J heading to Mallon's for the day with a couple of friends, LG&I headed to Powell for G's double header. G's team won the first game in a blow out 10-0. We had a small delay and then game 2 started. L&I stayed through G's at bat and then left G there and headed to Troy OH to watch D play in the Championship game. It took us about an hour to get there and we stopped to get a case of water for the boys. Made it to the game as it started and D was on the bench. D's team was ahead 5-0 and then a kid hit a grand slam and suddenly it was 5-4 :-o even more surprising was the relief pitcher was D! D did pretty good pitching and got the 3 outs they needed without letting anyone score and recorded his first ever K against Kyle, his roommate from last year. The next inning the first batter crushed a triple off of him so they pulled the shortstop to pitch and D went to Short. Couple seconds later and D made an amazing diving play flipping the ball over his shoulder as he went down to get the last out and seal the Championship Win 6-4! D headed home with his teammates and L&I went to the Submarine Shop in downtown Troy for dinner. L made arrangements for J&G to get home and and we headed home and caught up with J&G before D came in and we all got caught up and headed to bed for a great weekend of baseball. Winger boys went 9-0 for the weekend!