20190613 + Lonie's Bday Pics

20190613 + Up in the am and in to work. D to work, J listing on ebay and L&G went to DR for G's physical and he was so scared to get his blood drawn that he was hysterical... Had a meeting with right out of the gate and got frustrated with internal BS too... People are bugging Lonie today as I have challenged everyone to get a hug pic with him for $1 each, Lonie hates hugs and pics ;-) 

Headed over to 25 for a quick meeting and then headed home. J&I headed out to the post office and auction house in Reynoldsburg. D hung out and shined up the rails on the Shopsmith before running G to practice. After we picked up our stuff we headed to a church parking lot where J did much better with his maneuverability. On the Wood Werks, a huge wood working store where we found a baseball blank we could use on the Shopsmith so D could try to make his own bat. On to Subway where it took forever to get our dinner. Home and looked at our purchases and ate. D&G home they ate while we watched 'The Kid that would be King'. Cute movie, I slept through part of it.. I headed to bed to watch some Game of Thrones, D&J up and cleaned up and to bed. L&G stayed up watching the NBA Championship game.