20190601 - 2 1&1s Today

20190601 - Up in the am and getting ready for baseball. D had a couple of players come to our house and we got to meet them before D drove them to Chillicothe for a double header. Then LJG&I headed to Upper Arlington for a couple of games. G's 1st game they lost to a team that they had beaten twice before this year... the boys were asleep on the field, it was a mess... We then had a couple hour break that is usually a complete disaster where we went to Roosters for lunch, we lost one kid... after lunch we headed back to the field and somehow pulled out a win against a local team on their home field. We headed home and Tom, Landon and the McClains came over. The girls ran to the store and got brats and dogs while us coaches tried to figure out what happened... We had a cook out and as the other games completed somehow we pulled off a 4th seed for bracket play tomorrow... D got home and told us about his game, they won the first and lost the second. He is playing a lot and likes the guys on his team. The party broke up early as we wanted to get the boys home and rested for tomorrow, so all to bed in good time.