20190620 - Crafty

20190620 - I worked from home today, J went to XC this morning after some convincing... Had a couple calls and got on the road about 12. went to the Post Office, Gas Station, Bank and McD's on the way out of town. Long drive over to Westfield IN where we got settled in to the hotel and then headed out for dinner. We went to Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream, G&I went there a couple years ago, and got the HUGE burger and hot dog! We had a feast and a good time and then completely out of the blue G melted down in the restaurant...  We made a quick exit and discovered there was a lot of teasing going on through texts with his teammates.... On the Kroger and we got things to make subs and snack on for the next couple days. We then headed back to the hotel where G got to go swimming for a bit. Late at night I got notifications from our cameras the D&J were busy doing crafty things in the kitchen.