20190605 - Loose Lead

20190605 - Up in the am and dropped G off at football camp, J lucked out his XC practice was cancelled for the day. In to the new building to start the day and then over for a 'chess match' at the old office. Had a pretty productive day and headed to the ballfield for G's baseball game. L met me there and G's team was pretty flat. G came in to stop them and threw 9 strikes out of 11 pitches to shut them down, but we couldn't pull off the hits to get the needed points in the bottom of the 6th and took the L. Home and had some discussions with J. D home from baseball, Gma&paW down to watch his game, they lost. After the game D had to jump their car. D got home and his car was dead, the battery lead came off when he pulled the jumper cables off... so D&I fixed that. Chatted with D a bit and stayed up with L working on J's phone and watching Game of Thrones.