20190602 - Championship Run

20190602 - Up in the am and D headed to a players house early, then L took off to D's game in Zanesville. JG&I loaded up and J drove us to Upper Arlington for G's day of bracket play. J rested in the car and G&I went to watch an 8U coach pitch game that had a son on the team of a lady I work with. We then headed to our field and got the game started. It was a rough game, against a team we had beaten easily twice before this year already, they wanted to beat us bad and played hard. In the end we were able to win and had to quickly change fields. J got us to the next game and the boys face a team that was 14-1 for the year so far, a REALLY GOOD team. The boys got themselves pumped up and pulled out a win! After a short break it was time for the championship game. L showed up and we got the game underway. the boys played hard and very well but the giants they were up against pulled off the win. Still was a great game and the boys got trophies for 2nd place out of 12. We headed home and Tom and Bill came over to discuss the weekend. G and his buddies played more wiffleball... Everyone cleared out and D got home and told us about his games. We then all headed to bed from a very busy baseball weekend.