20190606 + Practice Party & Trouble

20190606 + Up in the am and dropped J off at XC on the way in to the new office. In tot he office and worked with Lonie, Cory and Erin on number stuff. Worked there all day and then headed home. Home and J&I got some ebay things shipped and took off. We swung through the post office and then on to the auction house in Reynoldsburg. LG and Owen went to D's baseball game. J&I picked up the auction stuff and then swung through a church parking lot, set out some cones and practiced his maneuverability, he did pretty good. We headed home, had dinner together and then J went upstairs and I looked for bats for D online. At 8 we headed to J's end of season Track Team party at Foxboro Pool. I relaxed, played some games on the phone and chatted with one of the moms until the awards presentation. After the presentation we headed home and I got beat by G and Owen at Trouble and then they got on their Xboxes. Had a snack while D told me about his game. Headed to bed and watched a couple Game of Thrones.