20181128 - Magical Night

20181128 - Up in the am and dropped J at school in good time and headed in to work. Had a meeting with CB this morning and knocked out 2 huge projects I have been working on for months. Got some things organized for forward movement before heading home. Home in good time and after G had a Fortnite meltdown we got the boys dressed and headed downtown. We parked and walked back an alley to the Ringside Bar & Grill for dinner and to see if their claim to the 'Best Burger in Columbus' was true... we each got a different kind of 1/2lb burger and yeah they may have the best burgers in town! A short windy walk between the big buildings got us to the Palace Theatre and we made our way to our box seat, you know the little half circle things that stick out of the side wall right next to the stage, I had never sat in one of those before and it was lovely, a lot of space, comfortable chairs and a perfect view (minus the huge speakers hanging in front of us). The Champions of Magic show started and it was very entertaining. Good acts and a couple different styles of magic from close up, to large dangerous props and a mind reader. It was a good show. After the show we took a quick walk down one more alley to the pre-started car and zipped home to get everyone to bed.