20181116 - Crazy Hats & New Driver!

20181116 - Up in the morning to a tension in the house so got to work and dove in for the day. it was crazy hat day... I ran to Scout store at lunch and talked to Mary Ellen from my last job on the way, it was good to catch up. I got my pins for the Court of Honor Sat PM and headed back and finished out the day at work. L picked J up from school and took him to the BMV to take his permit test... he was in there for a LONG TIME...  HE PASSED!!! They got in another line and got his permit, so he can now drive on the streets.  Home and got the boys packed up and delivered to the church for the Scout Thanksgiving campout. L&I headed out, got gas, had a  great dinner at Barrel and Boar, swung by the post office, grocery, home and printed 120 programs, L folded them all.