20181124 + Big OSU Win!

20181124 + Up in the am and trying to get caught up on ebay shipments with L's help. Tried to get D&J to help finish some things up but they are in non-responsive electro-induced coma }:-|  We headed over to the Pettit's for the annual OSU vs _ichigan game, D&J did drop off the packages on the way. To the party and I hid some Lime-o-rita cans around the house. What a Game!!! WOW!!! We were pleasantly surprised with the Buckeyes! WHAT A WIN! Home and I rested a bit and L did a ton of laundry. We headed out in the evening to Drew's, one of D's long time friends, to wish him well as he leaves for the Navy tomorrow. We swung by the McClain's on the way home and hung out for a bit before heading home and finishing up the night with some more football, a 7OT game with the highest score for a football game ever.