20181122 - Thanksgiving @ the Farm

20181122 - Up in the am and DJ&I and for the first time with a gun G went hunting. We had about 8 of us and it was a different experience without a dog but we did pretty well scaring up about 10 pheasants, G shot at a couple of them but didn't get one. The group only got 3 in total but it was a good morning and good experience for the boys. Up to the house and DJG&I got cleaned up and headed to the Farmhouse. Roger gave grace this year and we had a full house with a huge meal with tons of family around from all over. It was a very nice time and we got to visit with lots of folks. L took a hike up to the falls, I tried an impossible puzzle and had no idea where the boys went. After everyone left we headed up to Gma&paW's where we for some reason ate more and played some fun Christmas games. Not up too late, very tired from a long day.