20181127 - 70

20181127 - Up in the am and got J to school later than usual today, he was dragging... In to a very quiet work this morning and cleaning some things out. Got some things done and headed home the back-way through some snow. Gave GmaW a call on the way home for her 70th bday! She went out for lunch and has plans to go out for dinner to celebrate! Home and got L and we ran to pick up the white car from Tuffy, no charge for fixing out tire. Back home and L made dinner and then I had J drive in the snow to take G to his batting practice. We got G delivered and J did ok in the snow, a bit more timid than usual. Home and I shipped ebay things and then back out in the snow to pick up G and drop him off at basketball practice. Back home for a bit and watched some TV with L and then back out to pick G up. All back home and settled in for the night.