20181123 - Black Friday w/ L

20181123 - Up in the am and D&I looked at some bats online, then L&I headed out to do some shopping. Not as many places to go as the boys are getting bigger and harder to shop for...  We hit all the usual spots, but Toys R Us is gone and several of the places we went in and didn't get anything as shopping online is cheaper and easier. We stopped at O' Charley's for lunch and then hit an auto parts place to pick up a couple more items before heading back to the Farm. Everyone gathered back at the Farm, we packed up and left G there and the rest of us headed home. Home and unpacked, D's college buddies showed up and they headed to St' John's arena to watch the Buckeyes. L&I hung out in the living room, watched some of the game and relaxed with J on the Xbox. I headed out to get some supplies for tomorrow, the aisles are bear at Kroger... Swung through Burger King for a late night dinner. Not up too late.