20181103 - Two of Me

20181103 - Up in the am and J&I headed out. We went to the phone store, that didn't work then we stopped at the Barnett's to show them J's new car and got a lesson on how to get the scratches out. We then swung by Chipolte for an application, have to be 17, then Kroger where we got a SIM card kit and J got info to apply for a job. We then headed to an area that has a bunch of office buildings that are empty on the weekends with large parking lots. J took over the wheel and did a bunch of driving all over the place and even up and down the side street. He did pretty good, a bit jerky still, but getting it. Home and Gma&paW down for a follow up on her eye surgery from yesterday. They stopped by with some presents for me and one was a cool bobble head of me! Hahahaha, super cool! They headed out and G had Trent over and they headed downtown to hang out. I got the SIM card account set up and started the process to port the home phone off the landline. Watched some football with L, think we both feel asleep.. Up and had some dinner, played trouble with G and his buddy, Dropped J off at a friends for the night. Up late doing things on the PC trying to get organized.