20181114 + Scout Shopping

20181114 + Up slow this am, J too. We got out of the house and managed to get him to school and me to work without being late. Had an interesting conversation with some of the guys on the way to my office about records when I offered up the original Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas song on a record from 1959. I filled in my tic-tac-toe X's and headed in to get the day underway. At the desk most of the day except for a couple con calls in the conf room. Finished the day and headed home, ate a quick bite with L, J on the Xbox, G at a school fun night. I headed out to a Landscape Board meeting, Longer than expected and we really didn't do anything except get updated on the status of other projects from other boards that are actually doing things... Ran over to Kroger after the meeting and got a coffee, J&G showed up to go shopping with their Scout Patrol for this weekend. It didn't take them long and we headed home. Home and Bill and Tom showed up to do some 2019 baseball registration and planning. L helped me ship ebay stuff and then everyone to bed. Up late thinking on TV and cable future.